Konzept, Regie und Choreographie: Leandro Kees
Dramaturgie: Daniel Matheus, Leandro Kees
Dramaturgische Mitarbeit: Julia Mota Carvahlo
Musik/Video: Martin Rascher
Mit: Daniel Matheus, Leandro Kees

Alter: 10 Jahren
Dauer: 70 Minuten
Termin: 17. Juni 2013, 12.00 Uhr

Spielort: Brotfabrik, Theaterwerkstatt

How many plastic cups do you use in the course of your life? Leandro Kees shows which effects our daily way of life has on the environment. Along with the performer Daniel Matheus, he takes an undisguised look at "ecological intelligence" and tells the story of evolution in a funny, yet haunting way. You will see birds and swinging monkeys. A river, palm trees and fish. Suddenly, the idyll is broken and the dancers stop short. Absurd videos show how the world was created.

"Insistent images which make the audience wonder: What can we do about that?"

(Rheinische Post, October 23rd, 2012)