gelber mond -
die ballade von leila und lee

von David Greig

Regie: Tim Tonndorf
Ausstattung: Anna Bergemann
Dramaturgie: Marcus Grube
Mit: Oliver Baierl, Julia Friede, Georg Böhm, Felicia Spielberger
Rechte: Rowohlt Verlag, Reinbek bei Hamburg
Alter: ab 14 Jahren
Dauer: ca. 90 Minuten

Termine: 17. Juni 2013, 20.00 Uhr 
Spielort: Brotfabrik, Theatersaal

Lee is a celebrity. The police know him, social workers know him, youth welfare, consulting teachers, tutors, the doctor, the council and the people looking after him in the club organised by church. Now, Lee is on the run with Leila, who he met in the supermarket. Both of them start the search for Lee's father and make their way into the Scottish highlands. It seems as if the dream of freedom and independence could become reality until Lee has to face the truth about his father

"A roadmovie à la Bonnie and Clyde . Fast, dramatic, but also funny. Neue Westfälische, February 25th, 2013"