heavy metal
HELIOS Theater

Regie: Barbara Kölling
Komposition: Roman D. Metzner
Bühne: Michael Lurse
Material Dramaturgie: Peter Ketturkat
Musik: Roman D. Metzner
Mit: Lisa Maria Heigl, Roman D. Metzner, Michael Lurse
Rechte: beim Theater
Alter: ab 10 Jahren
Dauer: ca. 45 Minuten

Termin: 18. Juni 2013, 10.00 Uhr
Spielort: Theater im Ballsaal

Gold sparkles temptingly, is beautiful as clothing, protects as armour, but also triggers greed and envy. Rusty oil drums transform themselves into trains, which make their way around the world and symbolise an urge for exploring and the love for travelling. The play covers the time of the Bronze Age until the Industrial Age: The actors blank figures out of steel plates and use the material to tell their story.

The oil drums and steel plates seem like an artistic experimental set-up in the Helios theatre. Are the big objects part of the inventory of conceptual art? No, they are used concretely in "heavy metal" for people age 10 and up. Westfälischer Anzeiger, October 8th, 2012