Man ist auch der, der man werden kann
Stück von Liv Heløe aus dem Norwegischen von Berit Glanz

Regie: Johanna Weißert
Ausstattung: Julia Schiller
Dramaturgie: Ilona Seippel-Schipper / Isabel Stahl
Musik: Peter Kirschke
Theaterpädagogik: Erika Schmidt-Sulaimon
Dramaturgieassistenz: Marie Helbing
Mit: Désirée von Delft, Steffen Happel, Rainer Kleinespel, Götz Vogel von Vogelstein, Bettina Zobel
Rechte: Theaterstückverlag Brigitte Korn-Wimmer & Franz Wimmer, München 

Alter: ab 13 Jahren
Dauer: 60 Minuten
Termin: 19. Juni 2013, 19.00 Uhr
Spielort: Kammerspiele, Theater Bonn

Janus likes Dina and has bought her a present because it is her birthday. But then everything turns out differently than he expected. In the apartment opposite of his, he sees Dina and Leo through the window. What he sees doesn`t make him happy at all. But then he decides to take control of his own story and also to be the one, who he could become. One moment can change it all.

"Creatively staged play (...) The actors don`t just show real events, but also the fantasies and thoughts of the young characters. This mixture of wishes and reality creates funny scenes." RuhrNachrichten, September 25th, 2012